Effective Health Strategy

Happy is one who is bestowed with good health. It may sound interesting but it is the truth in today’s life. Health brings wealth and possessing the good health in today’s fast degrading polluted world is the greatest thing one can really enjoy. Maintain the same in good condition should be the strategy of one’s life. By observing strict control over the same will help a lot in developing the same.
Mental health is as important as physical health. People generally try to speak about the physical health only and forget about the mental health. Keeping physical health is good
but keeping both mental and physical health is very good.

For the physical health various exercises can be done especially yoga will help in maintaining the same. For mental health one should try to do some exercises relating to the same. For children solving the puzzle of su-do-ku and playing chess may lead to effective concentration and sharp increase in brain power.

Due to hectic activities in office and household

one cannot control the stress level in one’s life. But, practicing the yoga in early morning and catering some time for the same from our busy schedule will help us a lot. It will reduce the hyper tension and also help the brain cells to function well. Nothing is impossible and try to inculcate the good habits pertaining to health.

Like having a family breakfast together , family health exercises may be done atleast twice a week which will encourage each other to do it in better way. Understanding the significance of health is the first step through which can be enjoy the beginning of good health. It is also better to take the advise of physician before doing any exercises. Some exercises can be done only by few people who doesn’t suffer from certain health problems. Having a good health should be the mission and vision of everyone.

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  • amitkokiladitya  05-11-2016
    HEALTH....the importance can be learnt from those who face a compromised state.. A healthy mind and body is much more important than money abd luxury
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