1 Important Cause Of Women Education

Education enlightens a person. It makes life meaningful. It is equally necessary for man as well as woman. One who does not have proper education leads a miserable life. Women have an important role in the life of a society and as such they should be educated. In the ancient times women were given the necessary education. We hear of great women like Gargi and Maitreyi who were well versed in different sastras.

There were poetesses like Molla. From this it is clear that in the olden days women were not barred from receiving education. It was only in the past

few centuries that women were denied the benefits in education. Because of this their role in society got confined to their homes. Girls were not allowed to study along with boys. Girls were not allowed to study along with boys. Rich people got their girls educated at homes.

Social reformers like Raja Rama Mohan Roy, Veeresalingam and Gurajada pleaded for women’s education. During the

British regime much was done for the education of girls. The society slowly realized the need for educating girls. Education of girls gained momentum. Today a large number of girls get education. To encourage them government is providing free education up to a level. The performance of girl students is very encouraging. An educated girl becomes a practical mother.

She brings up her children along the right lines. She has a proper idea of everything. She can exercise her discretion in running the home. Some educated women are employed and thus help the economy of the family.

The government is doing everything to propagate education for girls. Reservations are provided for girls in educational institutions and in jobs. There are opportunities for education for grown up women. The open universities are providing this opportunity. Slowly but steadily women are proving their merit in every field of human activity.

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