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Develop Human Resource
Published By manas on 2012-01-03 33 Views

Developing of human resource in an organization should start with a planned process and should be done at regular intervals. The study of human resource in any organization is the first step towards building a sound human resource who can be assigned with great challenges and opportunities. Having a wide network of the same one can certainly reap the benefit in the future.

To study the human resource in any particular department first try to take out a sample and questioning them about their views of the job they are performing. The outcome may be positive or negative. The positive items should be encouraged still and the negative aspect needs much concentration . The development of negative part into positive one through proper sorting all the problems will help in departmental growth and organization at large.

The next step can be to challenge the threat from the internal. They may be problems like labour grievances, staff-management problem etc which need to be sort out at the earliest. The best way of sorting the same is through negotiations with the concern departmental heads and the management staff evolved in managing the department.

Nothing can be achieved without hardwork. Every effort to be done from both management and staff level. The success rate will be high when the challenges are meet through discussion and active involvement in solving the same. Reaching an agreement in principle should be given importance. The management should try to understand the problem of the staff and staff should be able to understand the principles of management. It is the prime duty of every staff and management to look after the welfare of the organization at large.

Nothing is impossible. It can be achieved in long run with little bit of cooperation and proper coordination in work atmosphere. Development of human resource will help the organization to grow.

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