Database is nothing but collection of related files.   Many organisations computerize their operations on application by application basis.  Computerization generates huge amount of information and is stored as database. Data is organised  in terms of files  for avoidance of duplication.  Data in its most element form is captured once, validated and entered at proper location in the database.  Correct caputring data in its most element form allow diverse users to satisfy their needs using the same data.

Programs developed inhouse were dependent on the data files created.  Programs lack data independence that is any change in the record format, every

program that
acessed that file needs to be changed.

 For instance, A student details may be present in the enforcement office, placement office, university etc.  The same student details are maintained at different places which tells us the importance of data redundancy.  Central database for all purpose can reduce  the data redundancy.

If the details are stored at different places namely the student details and the updation is not done at all databases, whenever a people accesses the data, it will lead him to inconsistency.  

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