Dassera Festival - Festival Of Joy

Dassera festival is celebrated in the month of October in India and Abroad.  Goddess Durga or Parvati is prayed during the festival for 10 days.  Especially in West Bengal and Gujarat people considered this festival among the biggest .  In West Bengal Durga Puja is celebrated from Panchami and ends with vijaya dasami (10th day).  Durga Idol are kept at every place and in clubs and societies and prayed with full devotion.  People keep fasting for 10 days. Tuesday and Fridays are considered to be very auspicious day for the  Mother Goddess Durga or Parvati.

Goddess Parvathi is decorated beautifully with different

forms like Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Gayathri, Goddess Tripurasundari on each day for 10 days.  Women generally pray and recite the names of God before the Goddess in the temple.  Different
flowers, fruits and vegetables are put before the God .

In West Bengal, people generally visit pandals on mahasaptami, mahaastami and mahanavami.  Meet friends,relative and offer pushpanjali at the Goddess Feet.  Bhog prasad is also given at the pandals.  Vishal Jhagran or mass prayer for whole night are also conducted by the various societies.

In Rajasthan and Gujarat Garba dance is played before the mother goddess durga or parvati.  Beautifully decorated pot generally known as Gabra is kept with a little oil lamp glowing inside at kept for 10 days and prayed for well being of all.  Its a wonderful festival of joy and happiness.



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