Classification Of Computers On Electronics

Computers can be classified into three types based on electronics used namely analog, digital and hybrid. Analog computes measure one quantity in terms of another quantity, operate on inputs of continuously varying electrical voltage. Analog computers works on continuous data measured along a continuous scale and are mainly used in process control system which monitor pressure, temperature, flow etc.
Digital computers understand only two sates on or off. Digital computer the data is stored in terms of binary code that is zeros and ones (0,1) which is known as machine language. Machine language has to be converted into human readable

form with the help of compiler or interpreter. Binary or Digital computers are used in all the commercial applications for all mathematical operations.
Hybrid computer are
partly digital and analog. Hybrid computer can understand on and off and as well as 1 and 0. Analog part of the computer stores the data and the digital part of the computer helps to get all the data in text format such as reports, graphics etc which helps in monitoring.
Hybrid computer is generally found in medicals. A analog part of computer stores the patients data such as his/her temperature, blood pressure and the digital part of the computer helps to get all these data in text format such as report, graphics etc. This helps in monitoring patients health.

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    The modern trend of classification due to the advancement of science and technology may have made much more classification on electronics.   

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