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Using of cell phones have become a common tendency. It is not only used to communicate but also can be used as a diary to note the regular engagements. It has multipurpose function especially like gadget like calculator can be had from the cell phone. It was made a deep impact in everyone’s life. Previously it was a dream to have a cell phone. But, thanks to the technology and its upgradation it reached the common people as a boon.
Many companies like Nokia, Vodafone, Sony Ericson, Samsung, LG, Reliance, Micromax are giving much added features resulting in much more

advancement in one’s life. After the introduction of 3G, the wide spread of knowledge can be got into a modest with a little device called cell phones. Improvement of technology helped the mobile user and as well as dealer to produce according to the choice. Nothing is impossible.
Some of the leading giant companies will provide the connection include Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, BSNL and so on. The MMS and SMS
had ruled over the other way of communication through their speedy services. We can access everything on mobile especially the internet. The popularity of the same resulted in efficient use of email with lot of storage capacity.
Every positive side has also a negative part which include lot of crimes happening through the same. It is the people to think that how to use the same in a better way. It brings not only people nearer but also their ideas and innovations to the common world. Kudos to the creative and marvelous technology behind the same which helped millions of people to come and share their wonderful feelings and experience through the same.
Nothing is impossible. A day will come when the technology will bring better chances through the invasion of advanced technology in common man life.





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