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The journey into the cartoon characters world gives the full excitement and joy. The world famous cartoons like Ben 10, Tom and Jerry, Doraemon, Pokemon gives us the full entertainment to the body and soul. There is no age to enjoy the beautiful cartoons which generally brings the wonderful smile everyone face. The famous character bring live the excitement especially on weekends when everyone tries to relax for a while.

Some of the cartoons characters include Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson, Popeye, Garfield, Tweety Bird, Tom and Jerry, Archie, Flinstone, Richie Rich, Pink Panther, Spiderman, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, Donald Duck, Batman,

Spiderman, Superman, Goofy , Winnie the Pooh. They really rule the children and elders people mind very much.

It is good to have them in our life as they have become a part of our life. Many new things can be learnt especially the Doraemon produced various gadgets from his pocket to help Nobita another character

of Doraemon. The children do enjoy and feel one among of the character.

The power of imagination get also increased. Having a stressful life with full of obstacles and strain, one can certainly spend some time watching them. The Ben 10 has got a special watch which gives him extraordinary power to conquer the opponent with ease.

The Doraemon has got wonderful  gadgets which can create anything and everything within a moment. The character of Zyan , Suniyo are worth mentioning. The main aim of any cartoon is to entertainment to the best possible extent and also give information about the environment which we live in. Nothing is impossible. Having a deep understanding of life through characters is very interesting. It is obvious that the character not only give a shape to our understanding, meaning and enjoyment in our life. Enjoy cartoons and live happily.

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  • manas  28-08-2015

    Cartoon character always leaves a deep impact on the life of the people.  Cartoon can be enjoyed at any age.   Children like the cartoon character and feel as their friends with whom they can play and enjoy their life.

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