Career And Counselling

Every occupation area of sphere of work is getting specialized and professionalized with the advent of continuous training and education on one hand and also improvement in the levels of nutrition and health on the other. People, especially from the more educated backgrounds of the society tend to work even after formal superannuation. As a result of all these, the concept of job has been replaced by the concept of career. Job choices are made not merely on the basis of remuneration and compensation in financial and material terms at a particular point of time, but also the possibilities of

growth, its importance and also meaningfulness of the work one is doing. Secondly, competition has become the order of the day. Most organizations have career advancement and promotional schemes.

It has become necessary for every person at all levels to plan their work life and equip and develop themselves so that they can grow and develop in their careers. This calls for careful planning

and preparation. There are people who think in terms of jobs and short term promotions but end up as failures and frustrated persons. Career education and career counseling have therefore become an integral part of personnel development and management. Career education and development involves helping a person to understand his strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways and means of enhancing the former and getting over the latter.

Provisions of career information, suggestions to improve oneself, helping an individual exercise his career options and develop himself, all these are dimensions of career education and counseling . It also happens that there are members in any organizations who have little information or wrong information about career possibilities and about themselves. More serious is the fact that many assumptions will always act. Career education and development should include not only career within the system but also possibilities outside particularly post-retirement career opportunities and possibilities.

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