Bond Of Love - Rakhi

Raksha bandan or Rakhi brings relationship much closer by bonding each other through a sacred thread. It is generally misunderstood that the festival is being celebrated in remembrance of brother and sister relationship. The sister prays for brother well being, prosperity and in turn brother promises her beloved sister to protect from any evil.
Festival not only binds brother and sister but also other relationship like grandfather-grandson, among friends etc.The shops displays the sacred thread known as “Rakhi” in different colours, shapes and at different prizes. People rush to purchase the same and tie it on the hand of the

beloved person. Sweets shops also display variety of sweets including mouth watering rasgoolas, chum-chum, ajmeri kalakand etc. The festival mood brings much more cheer among the children and eagerly wait for the approach of the festival.
Festival brings joy, happiness and radiance on the faces of everyone expecting their loved one to come and celebrate the same with them.Sister

generally prepare various kinds of dishes liked by their brother and make the brother to feel the their unconditional affection. Brother in turn purchase various gift like sarees, bangles, ornaments, toy for their beloved sister.
Temple are well decorated and special pujas were held because of poornima. People generally visit temple and have blessings of God. People try to venture into new business as the day is considered to be one of the most auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. Significance of the festival can be better understood by one instance. The Rakhis are sent to distant places much ahead throughout India and Abroad to reach on the particular day. Brother also send his best wishes and prayers in the form of gift, blessing and through love. Now with the improvement of technology e-rakhis, email made the process much easier and webcam made the relationship much closer to heart.

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