Bharat Affection Towards Shri Rama

King Dasharth was bedridden and remembered the curse on him by Shravankumar aged parent. “O king, we are old. You have made us to die in the remembrance of our beloved son. You also meet a similar death. Let your son not stay with you at the time of end. You shall die reciting
his name on your lips”.

Bharat and Shatrughn came to Ayodha and went to see his mother Kaikeyi who was eagerly waiting for him. She told him he would be made the King of Ayodhya and Ram is in exile with

his consort Sita and Lakshman.

Dasharth passed away and Bharat performed all the final rites upon the body of his father. Bharat took a large army and left with mothers to meet Ram. Bharat requested Ram to be the king of Ayodhya and Ram had to fufill his promise given to his father. Bharat took the Padukas (footwear) of Ram with him to Ayodhya , place them on the throne until Ram’s return. Bharat ruled the kingdom on the cottage of Nandigram Village.

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