Basics Of Report Writing

There is no single best format for all reports. But the physical format can be employed to create, describe, emphasize and clarify. The use of widely spaced paragraph, varied margins, separated headings, different type sizes and colours all make it possible to emphasize major points and to clarify the sequence and relationship of ideas. The title page should indicate the subject, date the report is prepared, for whom it is prepared and by whom it is prepared.

If the report is lengthy or if it is divided into numerous parts, it is usually desirable to have a table of contents. Foreword

section serves to introduce the reader to the research project. It should give the background of the problem, the importance of the problem, the various dimensions of the problem and whether any previous research was done which is pertinent to the specific project being reported. Specific objectives of the report need to be set forth clearly.

The reader must know exactly what the report covers. The purpose

of methodology sector is to describe the research procedure and includes the overall research design, the sampling procedures, the data collection method, the field methods and analysis procedure.

A description of the research design should make it clear whether the study is exploratory or conclusive in nature and whether it is case, statistical, or experimental in design. Where from the data is collected mainly secondary source or primary sources. While describing the sampling procedure, it is necessary to indicate the nature of universe studied. The findings after analysis tend to show what has been done in and statistical techniques have been used.

Report be a with full information and limited, findings section makes up the bulk of the report. Conclusion should be drawn with direct reference to the objectives of the study. Appendix is to be prepared to provide a place for those report items which do not fit in the research report.

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