Basics Of Learning

Learning is gaining of new behaviour. Classical Conditioning tells that behaviour is learned by repetitive association or closeness between a stimulus and a response. It has some important applications for understanding human behaviour because higher order conditioning for learning by human beings is important, its implications must be recognized. The existence of higher order conditioning shows the difficulty of tracing or locating the exact cause of certain behaviour, as direct cause-effect relationship for a behaviour is difficult to establish or put. Conditioned stimulus becomes reinforcing under higher order conditioning.
Operant is behaviour that produces effects. It tells that people emit

responses that are rewarded and will not emit responses that are either not rewarded or punished. It implies that
behaviour is voluntary and it is determined, maintained and controlled by its situation. It presuppose that human beings explore their environment and act upon it. Main principles of learning new behaviour involve the relationships between three elements. Stimulus situation, behavioural response to the situation and results of the response to the person.
Operant conditioning has much greater impact on human learning than classical conditioning . In an organization, management can utilize the operant conditioning process successfully to check or control and influence the behaviour of employees by manipulating the reward system.
The principle based on the concept of learning and useful for management in influencing the behaviour of people are reinforcement and behaviour modifications.

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