Archery Skills Of Shri Ram And Lakshman

Sage Vasisht taught Vedas, shastras to Shri Rama, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrugun . They become fine archers. The great sage Vishwamitra came to the court of Dasarath and said “I am performing a sacrifice. It is being interrupted by the two demons.

Mareecha and subahu. I need Ram’s help. He can protect the sacrifice by his valour”. Lakshman who was following always foot step of Ram wanted

to go and went along with him. Tataka attacked them shouting ferociously. Ramkilled Tataka on the spot.

Vishwamitra was in full swing to perform the Yagna. Sixth day the demons Mareech and Subahu attacked to destroy. Ram hit Mareecha by the arrow which threw him far off into the sea. Subahu was killed on the spot. Yagna went off well.

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